Why Donald Trump Will Be President

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Donald Trump has become the republican nominee – without a need for the convention. This means that between now and the time the democratic nominee is elected, Trump has that much more time to unify the republican party. If Hillary Clinton becomes the democratic nominee, which she very well might be, this would make things more difficult than what would otherwise be assumed. Let me explain.

Trump ran a controversial campaign, there’s no denying that. He is brazenly against political correctness and appears to be saying what is on the minds of a lot of people. He called out his opponents systematically and every single attempt of the media’s attacks on his past, his character and his tone have left him unscathed. Hillary Clinton has an enormous amount of skeletons in her closet that Trump will, without a doubt, rip into like a frenzied hyena if they face off. Benghazi will not go unchecked, her email scandal will be in the Trump spotlight, he’ll point out that she’s clearly bought and paid for by Wall Street and he will swing the Bill bat at her every chance he gets – he will aim to unearth every single dirty little secret she has. She can try to do the same to him, but the media has already highlighted every possible downfall of Trump’s rhetoric and past – including fabricating a few things at times – yet nothing happened. Any attack on him will cause her to be attacked ten times over and these attacks, I feel, will have devastating effects on Clinton’s general campaign. After all, what can she do that can really dig deep into the hearts of Trump’s supporters? Call him a racist? A bigot? Highlight his bankruptcies? Call him sexist? How far has the media gotten with that? How much damage has that done to Donald Trump?

The only person who actually has a fighting chance of taking Trump down, if they were to go one on one, would be Bernie Sanders. He practically held hands with Martin Luther King Jr. and marched alongside the civil rights movement. He has been on the right side of history the entire time. His economic policies are questionable to a lot of people, his demeanor, tone and policies are generally liked and accepted by roughly the same amount, if not more, supporters than Hillary – but he is not winning. The super delegate system is stacked against him. He will most likely lose to Hillary in the democratic primary.

In light of the aforementioned, Trump has a high chance of beating Hillary in the general election. But here’s something else to consider – the reasoning behind Trump’s rise to power. Is it necessarily because Trump supporters are bigoted, racist, homophobic idiots? All of them? Is that the case? You may experience a case of cognitive dissonance here in a bit but strap yourself in because if you do a Google search on Hispanics for Trump, Women for Trump, or any other minority who you feel is marginalized by Trump’s words – and add for Trump to it, you’ll quickly notice that his supporters are quite diverse despite what the media is covering. The following are reasons why Trump is doing so well in the polls.

1) Donald Trump’s self-funding resonates well with his followers

Donald Trump is funding his own campaign with his own money. Any way you cut it, he is NOT bought and paid for by lobbyists or big donors, unlike Hillary Clinton. This resonates well with his followers because he appears a lot more genuine than any other candidate – regardless of the things he says. Bernie Sanders is also not funded by lobbyists, which I feel is a large part of the reason why he has done so well. Neither of them are sellouts.

2) The media attacks him incorrectly

If you want to take down Trump, you have to do so correctly. Saying that he is racist, sexist, misogynistic etc as your ONLY argument will not change a Trump supporter’s mind. How could it? The vast majority of Trump supporters do not see themselves as racist, nor do they see Trump as racist. Mix that with a healthy amount of Hispanics for Trump, Women for Trump etc. and suddenly the idea that Trump is all of those things start to disappear. Granted, maybe a handful of his followers are actually racist (which of course is a different story), the vast majority of his followers don’t see him that way. For example, they don’t hear what he says about illegal immigrants as hatred toward Mexicans – so saying that he hates Mexicans will just appear like a lie to them. If the media looks like it’s systematically lying about a candidate, how likely are they to trust the media once they caught them?

3) Most anti-Trump proponent have selective hearing and selective attention

When Trump says “I love the Mexican people. They’re great people. They have great spirit,” anti-Trump people hear “I hate Mexicans and I hate brown people.” Therefore you see the media and his opposition using straw man attacks – attacking points that he never made.

This is more of an extreme case but videos like the one above do more harm than good to the anti-Trump movement. Trump makes a distinction between immigration and illegal immigration – a distinction that that CANNOT be ignored when devising an argument against his claims. Deporting illegal immigrants is not racist – America has been deporting illegal immigrants since the concept of illegal immigration became a thing. This is far from an original Donald Trump idea. Furthermore, “illegal immigrant” isn’t a race. There can be Canadian illegal immigrants and they would be deported at the same pace. Telling a Trump supporter that deporting illegal immigrants is racist, simply won’t work. Still with me? Let’s carry on.

4) REAL issues get overshadowed by smaller media-grabbing issues

Trump is an anti-vaxxer, he does not think climate change is an issue at all, in fact he claimed it as a hoax made up by China to make America less of a manufacturing competitor, he’d be at the verge of starting a trade war with our closest international trade partners and he proposes a lot of plans and ideas without specifying how anything would get done. He claims that you can’t say “Merry Christmas” in supermarkets even though you very much can. He says that ISIS is beheading people because they’re Christians – which is of course not the case at all. He wants to defund Planned Parenthood, yet is for women’s health issues and he equates illegal immigration to violent crime. THESE ARE REAL ISSUES. These are real things that he says, yet the media seldom covers it. Instead, they’ll happily make a big deal out of:

A joke. Pointing this out to Trump supporters will not change anyone’s mind. It’s a clear joke to them and they don’t take it seriously – not unlike a lot of other politically incorrect things he says. If you mention those previous points to a Trump supporter, at the very least you’d come across as if you’re paying attention what he’s saying – an attribute that is simply not the case with the mainstream media.

5) The anti-Trump proponents are among the biggest reason Trump is soaring in the polls

It goes like this:

1) The media says Donald Trump is racist, quoting a small section of the speech.
2) Person hears media, thinks he’s racist
3) Person hears the full speech and the quoted portion in context
4) Person does not see it as racist
5) Person thinks media is being dishonest
6) Person becomes Trump supporter – regardless of other factors.

That’s how a lot of these issues work. Trump says the media is dishonest, therefore once anyone becomes under the impression that the media is being dishonest, it makes Trump look correct.

How else would it happen? How else would there exist a trend among Trump supporters that they believe the media is misrepresenting Trump and his views? You talk to the average Trump supporter – and I mean really talk to one, not watch a Buzzfeed video showing some white idiot making racist remarks wearing a Make America Great Again hat –  you’ll see that a lot of them do not feel that Trump is any of the negative things by which the media is portraying him.

Take what I mentioned into consideration. Now try to think like a Trump supporter. Now try to think like a fence-sitter undecided and trying to find out what Trump is actually all about. Now imagine Hillary being the democratic nominee – a candidate riddled with scandals, secrets and skeletons in her closet – blasting campaign piece after campaign piece saying that Trump hates women and immigrants. How well will that work? Can you see that changing anyone’s mind?

Trump is a political juggernaut, nothing has touched him, nothing has brought him down and he has momentum to the effect by which we simply were not prepared to deal with. For all of the aforementioned reasons, this is why I believe Donald Trump will become president of the United States.

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