Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare – Sales Pitch Review

Here’s the story of how I sat through one of the most horrifyingly long and painful timeshare sales pitches I’ve ever encountered.

The Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare

In January of 2018, my girlfriend and I went to Las Vegas. We were going to stay at the Excalibur but no longer than 5 minutes after we entered the hotel, we were approached by these women dressed in business attire asking if we’d like a free hotel stay and some discounted shows. We were like, “Sure! Sounds great!” They asked us a few questions such our total income and whether or not we live together. We do live together and our combined income met their standards.

It seemed almost too good to be true – after we put down $70 as a deposit, we got “free” tickets to the Blue Man Group and a “free” three day two night stay at either the Luxor or Excalibur that we could cash in after three months. The only catch was, we had to go through a 2 hour presentation with no obligation to buy anything. Well … no obligation to buy anything and then get a free hotel stay and free tickets? Sounded great to us!

So we went with it. We were then packed into a shuttle and driven to the illustrious Grandview in Las Vegas, which was a little bit off strip. There were about ten other couples with us who were all about to experience the same thing. After we arrived at the Grandview, we were placed in a waiting room where there were businessmen and women roaming around and calling each couple up. When we were called, we were paired with this very polite and nicely dressed saleswoman whose name I will not disclose for privacy concerns.

They gave us free food, coffee and donuts, but the food was really dry and bad but it was free. You get what you pay for. My girlfriend and I were in a large conference room but seated with our sales representative. She asked us very personal questions about our lives, proceeded to tell us personal details about her life and spent almost an hour doing so. Both me and my girlfriend were confused as to what exactly was going to be happening. None of what she was talking about had anything to do with the timeshare itself.

Finally after that ended, the actual timeshare sales pitch began. She brought us to the Grandview hotel to take a look at some of the model rooms. It was nice. It didn’t strike me as anything I particularly wanted but I’m sure it’s good for some people. Whatever floats their boat. We had no intention of buying anything so we just wanted to wait out the clock.

The saleswoman seemed to be on a quota timer herself. She needed to spend at least an hour and a half or so luring us in. Buttering us up. Making us feel good about the endeavor. That’s probably why she spent so much time talking about personal stuff with us.

The Grandview Las Vegas Sales Pitch

After she showed us the grounds, she brought us back up to the main lobby. This was the part of the sales pitch where all of the sales reps break down the numbers and tell you what a great deal it is. So here’s the pitch:

If you become an owner of the Grandview Timeshare, you have access to this huge catalog of resorts and vacation places around the world. If you’re an owner, you get to reserve a week to go on vacation at one of these places for a heavily discounted rate. For instance, you can get 7 days at some place in Paris for $237 total or something amazing sounding like that.

To become an owner, the price tag runs you at about $40,000 which can be split up in payments. Well… obviously that’s not at all something that we were able to do.

We declined. This is where things started to get bad. See, we weren’t able to leave until we got officially signed out. If we left before we got officially signed out, we wouldn’t get our “gifts” which were the free hotel stay and the show tickets. We were essentially held hostage unless we a) waited out the clock or b) we caved and bought it.

The Grandview Sales Pitch Got Aggressive

The saleswomen seemed to be on our side at first. She was just doing her job, which was understandable. Unfortunately, her job was to be fake af. She was friendly to us for about three hours – yes it was three hours at this point – and then when the numbers started coming out, everything changed.

“Why don’t you want to buy it?” Was the general feel of the entire sales pitch. We said we weren’t interest. She asked if it was the price or the location or something else. Just to give an answer, we said it was way too expensive. This was our big mistake. See, they were prepared for this. What this did was it gave them fuel to use against us. She went to go talk to her manager or supervisor and left us there for about 20 minutes or so. Then suddenly this new higher-up sales guy sat at our table. He started bombarding us with the same questions but this time he started crossing out the price tag and lowering the total amount.

The price went from $40,000 to $35,000 all the way down to $25,000. Then he put the contract form in front of me and held out a pen like a stereotype snaky slimy salesman.

See, we’re not stupid and I love my girlfriend for being just as much on my side as I was on hers. This time, the saleswoman and the guy were teaming up against us. They started asking me if I feel that my girlfriend deserves these luxurious vacation packages – trying to pit me and my girlfriend against each other. It was outrageously inappropriate.

“Don’t you love your girlfriend? Don’t you feel that she deserves this?” Shit like that.

We weren’t having it. We started getting upset and frustrated. We continued declining. And as a side note – if they were so cool with lowering the price so drastically, they’re fully aware that their product isn’t even worth $40,000. That means that there were probably suckers who wanted it and actually bought it for $40,000!

Then Things Got Worse

We’re at the four hour mark at this point. We’re beyond frustrated, fuming, pissed and yet they weren’t having our reasons for not wanting to buy in. The sales guy left and we were stuck with the original saleswoman, awkwardly. She knew we weren’t going to budge but she continued pressing. Our arms were crossed. We had no interest nor any desire to work with these people.

Another fifteen awkward silent minutes passed and yet another sale guy came by. This one was even higher up manager or something. He said “So I hear you wanted some help with the payments?” We said absolutely not! We have NO interest in getting this at all!

He proceeded to cross out the price tag even further down to $12,000 and then $10,000. Granted, he said we wouldn’t get to enjoy a few of the amenities had we decided to buy in at that price but it was a lower price after all. Still, we declined. At this point, they could have given it away for free and we would have still declined – just because of their aggressive pushiness.

How We Got Out of the Grandview Sales Pitch

We kept declining – like a broken record. It was frustrating for them, I’m sure. I wonder how many people who managed to decline and get away had to sit through the emotional abuse and battering the same way we had. We had been through five hours of “you’re pretty much stupid and heartless if you pass this opportunity up” – five hours that we will NEVER get back. Sure they reassured us that this was our LAST chance to ever do this – that this deal would never be available again. Sure. If you’re reading this, it’s March 2018. This happened in January 2018. See for yourself. If you experienced the same exact thing before, then you now know for sure how full of shit they are.

Right before we finally got let go, we had to go to one last room with one last table. A polite elderly lady asked us a few questions about our experience. We were honest. She then asked, “What the lowest price you heard?” It was something like $8,000. She slashed it in half once more and asked if that would change our minds. We immediately said no. Unlike the other sales reps, she made no comment, accepted it, signed something, had us sign a release and we were out. We got our free tickets and our Excalibur/Luxor voucher and we were on our way.

What I Learned from the Grandview Las Vegas Sales Pitch

If you have no interest in buying, you NEED to be stubborn. You need to decline at every option. The minute you show hesitation, they will use it against you. They will try to drive a wedge between you and your partner. They may be well dressed, professional and full of botox and make up – but the Grandview sales representatives are among the most snaky, emotionally exploitative people you will ever come across.

However, if you DO want their product, you can rest assured knowing that you can most definitely haggle the price down to a tiny minuscule fraction of what the original asking price is. Do NOT offer a price that you’re comfortable with. Just keep declining until they make the price you’re comfortable with – even if that means saying no over and over again and then suddenly changing to yes.

I’m sure the product is great for people who want it. I have no experience in using the Grandview timeshare so I cannot make a comment on its quality. What I can say comfortably is that their sales force is aggressive and will push you to your absolute limits.

If you’re walking around Las Vegas with your significant other and you get approached by some well dressed business people offering you free tickets and a free stay at a hotel in exchange for sitting through a presentation and they’re wearing a Grandview nametag – now you know what you’re getting yourself into.



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